Top 5 Best Coffee Shops in Calgary

Okay all - whether you are living in YYC, the vicinity or traveling here for the Calgary Stampede, I've got you covered and I'm bringing you my top 5 best cafes in Calgary, Alberta! This list is based solely on my opinion but let's be honest, I have quite a lot of experience with coffee drinking so you should definitely take my word for it! I promise you that if you visit these cafes and sip on the deliciousness they have to offer you will NOT be disappointed!

Cafe #1: Alforno Bakery & Cafe

If you have been following me on Instagram for any length of time (and if you are not following me, maybe you should! Link is at the bottom of the screen) you will know that I frequent this cafe as often as I can! From their amazingly smooth coffee to their unbeatable eggs benny this place is doing it RIGHT! You can thank me later... just go now. Go. Now.


Cafe #2: Rosso Coffee Roasters

This one is a bit of a newer one for me but oh is it a goodie! They have multiple locations and all are gorgeously decorated and smell like coffee heaven! Sitting in this cafe makes me forget all of my troubles and is one of our go-to coffee date locations!

Cafe #3: Vintage Caffeine Co.

If you want to go somewhere for drinks that are not only yummy tasting but also have some gorgeous latte art, this is your place! I don't know how these people learn how to do that fancy stuff, I'll be over here practicing my smiley face latte art (that's as far as my talent goes!)


Cafe #4: Analog Coffee

If you were to ask Hubs his favorite cafe is in Calgary it would definitely be this one! His favorite drink to order is a cappuccino and this place has got it down to perfection!

Cafe #5: Société Coffee Lounge

Again this is a newer one for me but if you want to sip out of a coffee mug the size of your face on DELICIOUS fresh brewed coffee on a comfy couch surrounded by amazing industrial decor than this is the place to be! No question as to why this made my top 5!

Go check out any of these Calgary coffee shops and I promise you will not be sorry! You are welcome :)


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