This Mama's Style


Over the last few years, I have received many unwelcome comments and jokes about how I hate colour and don't dress in anything but black!  Well, this is true.  However I have now learned to embrace my deep love for all things monochromatic and rock the black, white and greys all year round!  During the summer months you may find me in a light pink and in winter you may come across a few pictures of me in an olive green or burgundy, however usually I am that crazy in 30 degree weather in a plain black tee roasting in the hot sun!

I am quite thrifty so I prefer to chase the latest sales or find cheaper versions of designer pieces, however I also believe that spending a little extra on certain staple items is necessary for a great wardrobe!  You will see items repeat throughout my blog posts as I have invested in some great key items that go with just about everything.  However when I come across a good sale I'll be sure to holla at ya!

I do not claim to be the most stylish of people, nor do I claim to be a fashion blogger or pro dresser by any means!  But here is where I will talk to you about my "must-have" items I think are important to have in your closet, different trends of the seasons and how I dress this hot mess of a busy mama of two crazy boys! I hope you enjoy following along and possibly get some inspiration for your own closet!

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