World Egg Day Fun - For Review

Partnership with Egg Farmers of Canada


World Egg Day - something we had no idea was a thing until just recently, and we are so happy we got to be involved in this fantastic movement! We go through so many eggs a week, we are huge fans over here so anything we can do to support the industry, we are there! It is so important to us to have locally sourced healthy options and our Canadian eggs are so amazing for us! The event we went to was designed to bring attention to all the great things about Canadian eggs, from recipes and nutritional information for adults to colouring sheets and stickers for the kids! Probably the best part was that there was a local egg farmer who would answer any question you would ask. It is so reassuring to be able to talk to one of the people that actually supplies some of the food that we eat and answer every and any question we had.

Jon did a great job educating us about eggs. Jackson learned that eggs can be both white and brown, and they taste basically the exact same. Jon also gave us a run down of both his and his chicken’s day, and taught us how adapted the chickens are to the sunlight. Apparently chickens wake up around 4:30AM, are fed and have laid their eggs before morning even begins and finish their day around 4PM. I asked if he went to bed at that time as well, and he said he wished!

We got the opportunity to meet a very nice local egg farmer, Jon who was extremely patient with our highly shy chunks. He runs an egg farm about 80 miles east of Calgary, and also farms a few other things! He was so informative with answers to the kids questions such as Jackson’s more serious “how many different colours can eggs be?” and Maddox’s slightly less thought out “Where your eggs are?”


This photo has to be my favourite of the bunch! Jackson asked him how many chickens he raised, and he told us he had over 14,000 chickens! Jackson has absolutely shocked.


A few fun facts about eggs we didn’t know:

  1. As the chicken ages, the shell of the egg gets thinner and becomes easier to crack

  2. White eggs come from hens with white feathers and brown eggs come from hens with brown feathers

  3. All eggs in Canada are free of added steroids and hormones

  4. Eggs go from farm to store in less than one week


Attending World Egg Day was a blast and we will definitely be attending next years events! Make sure to check your areas local events calendar and help educate yourself and your kiddos about our local egg farmers of Canada!

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