Our Mudroom Makeover

If you have been following the blog for a while, you may have read in a previous post that we purchased our house over Facetime, and little did we know what we wanted or needed in a home. We have been living in this house with two boys for the last 3+ years with a mudroom with a few tiny hooks they couldn't reach, and basically just a chaotic mess of shoes, winter boots, gloves, snow pants, tuques, hats, sunscreen, you name it kicking around on the floor. If you've been to our house you can vouch for this - our mudroom has been quite a dysfunctional area of our home. UNTIL NOW!


Originally this room, like the rest (see the house before and after photos for reference) was dark poop brown. Nothing against the colour brown, but everything against the specific brown tone the original owners chose. We decided to paint it the same light grey as our kitchen and hung a few hooks (see holes in the wall) for hanging coats. Yeah... didn't really help much. We also decided to switch out the light to match the one hanging over our kitchen table. This room wasn’t the beautifully functional space it is now until Hubs and Bro in law put together my dream mudroom!


Installing the unit was no easy task... it took all three of us to heave that heavy top piece up, but is worth every bead of sweat!


I was the geek sitting in her mudroom with a glass of wine for at least half an hour, gawking at this beautiful beast that now entered my home. Having a talented finishing carpenter as a brother in law has some MAJOR perks people!


Photos by Carey Stevens Photography

I hope you got some mudroom inspiration - this is definitely not a DIY project but is worth every penny I promise! This has completely alleviated the madness of attempting to get in and out the door all at the same time bundled and ready for the -30 degree winter weather! GAME CHANGER!