My Go To Outfits for Fall and Winter

As most of you know, we are currently living in Alberta, Canada and up here in the frozen north we have already transitioned from Autumn to Winter weather! We can have 20 degree weather one day then -10 degrees the next, so your wardrobe must remain flexible at all times because you never know what you're going to get! Also, if you live in a place with weather like ours you will know the great importance of layering your clothes as its freezing in the morning and quite warm in the afternoons! After years of trial and error, I believe I have learned my lessons and have figured out how to dress for these ever changing seasons! I have put together five great outfit ideas for the every day mom with closet must-have staple items that can be easily changed out with other outfits!

Outfit 1:


A cozy long sweater is such a staple in colder climates and a great piece for transitioning from tees to parkas! Patterned sweaters are very trendy this season and you can find quite inexpensive ones (this one was purchased at Winners). I've paired it with a plain white tee which I've tied to make more of a fitted look and finished it off with some beige ankle boots!


Outfit 2:


This outfit is a fall go to for me! Its cute and trendy and warm all at the same time! I've paired my wool coat with a striped long sleeve shirt and distressed denim.  I've added a cute pom pom toque or beanie (depending on where you are) and some Hunter boots to give it extra cuteness. When transitioning into winter weather, throwing on a warm scarf and winter boots would still keep this outfit looking cute while you stay warm!



Outfit 3:


If you want a cute outfit that you're both comfortable and stylish in, look no further! Any hoodie under a leather jacket automatically dresses it up and adding distressed black denim with a cute hat and some slip on shoes just adds the fun and keeps it so comfortable and easy to wear! This is a great mama staple outfit.



Outfit 4:


Using most of the same items already used in previous outfits, I've just added a different jacket and made an entirely new look! This adorable grey light jacket with a white loose fitting tee, distressed denim and slip on sneakers dresses up this very casual outfit! You could add some jewlery and dress it up even more, or switch to heels in the evening and take this look out somewhere fancy!



Outfit 5:


Using very casual and dressier items together has been super fun for me to change things up with! These casual army print joggers paired with Adidas sneakers, that same plain white T and a fancier moto leather jacket add so much dimension and excitement to the outfit! Its that street style look that anyone can pull off and again, using a lot of the same items!



I hope these outfit ideas give you some ideas and inspiration going into these colder months that Fall and Winter bring! If you are a capsule wardrobe person this  should be totally up your alley, and if you're not you can still have fun mixing and matching different pieces together! Have fun with it and stay warm!