News Years Goals

Being that it is still January I think I am allowed to post my New Years goals (not resolutions... they're somehow different lol). 2017.... a year that will not be missed by many of us, including myself.  I am ready for a new year and a fresh start to a happier and healthier year with new goals and ambitions to kick last year in the butt!


Take better care of myself

A lot of you may not know me personally so you probably are unaware that I suffer from pretty bad anxiety. I think I always had it very minimally as a child but it grew worse in my early 20s. I started having severe panic attacks roughly four years ago and have had to figure out how to handle it all (I'm sure many of you can relate). This being said, I have a very difficult time sleeping which leads to me being groggy and out of it in the mornings, not making me the greatest mother I could be. I always used to be that girl that woke up singing and dancing off of 3 hours of sleep (drove my past roommates nuts) but now that's just not me. My goal this year is to take control of my habits and do what I can to deal with this issue. Whether that means going to bed early even though I may just lie there, work out harder so my body is exhausted, meditate or do yoga, read positive things in the morning, etc. My goal is to take better care of myself by taking control of what makes me feel anxious and try to work around it. Comment below if you have similar issues and have suggestions!

Challenging myself in my workouts

Yes, the typical "get in shape" resolution has been brought up. However, my goal isn't to lose x amount of pounds or accomplish a certain thing, but more so get my mind focused in my workouts (and actually DO the workouts) and keep myself CHALLENGED. I want to get out of my lazy rut and keep myself lifting more, going faster and improving every day! The last two weeks I have had killer workouts just from home and I already feel 95% better, and 100% sorer! If you see me around Calgary you can laugh at me as I walk like a granny down the stairs after leg day...and I'll be loving every second of it!


Do more exploring with the Chunks

Last summer was SO MUCH FUN. We are definitely a Summer family even though we live in the frozen North, so when we weren't visiting family and friends in the Pacific North West, we were here going to every park and beach we could find! As much fun as that was, this year I want to challenge the Chunks more with exploring and discovering different places and cultures as much as possible. Near the end of fall last year Jackson found a leaf outside and was so excited to get it home to look it up in his nature encyclopedia to find out what kind of leaf it was. THAT is what I want to do this year. I want to spend my days learning and exploring with them, finding out what THEY want to learn about and learn through their eyes. I find so much of the time us parents can get caught up in our own schedules and play dates etc. that we forget to explore and let them lead us.

Scare myself whenever possible

As I have previously mentioned, I have suffered from anxiety for quite some time. I have the WEIRDEST fears and I am not ashamed to admit them. The top things I am afraid of: the dark, whales, islands, basically anything to do with the ocean, movie theaters (I haven't seen a movie in a theater since UP came out...), heights, public speaking, and did I mention whales? The list goes on and on. Last year I enrolled in a few home decorating classes at a local university and I was required to give a ridiculous amount of oral presentations in front of the class. Well, I got up there for the first one, thinking my fear of public speaking was non-existent, and I shook like a leaf. The first words out of my mouth were "I know I'm shaking like a leaf - just get over it". Thankfully I still got an A! Later in the semester I almost passed out at my final presentation. Even these experiences I have zero regrets enrolling in those classes and I plan to go back to complete the diploma! Even though it terrifies me, I want to push myself to do it. I want to make myself uncomfortable so I can improve...staying safe and comfortable is boring and I am not happy being boring. And neither should you!

Those are just a few of the MANY goals I made for this year. I hope you got to know me a little more or found some inspiration for your own goals. And if you haven't made goals for this year yet, GO NOW! Click the X on the top of the screen and sit down and write them out. 2018 is going to be a great year and if we keep ourselves accountable to our goals, it could be the best yet!


Photos taken by Carey Stevens Photography.