Weekly Cleaning Routine

As most of you know, I am a mama to two busy destructive little chunks who for the last 5 glorious years have stretched and molded me into the chill mama that I am (haha, ok... yeah right). I like things clean and tidy, modern and minimalist.  Instead, I am living in a zoo of Lego pieces and food crumbs all over the kitchen. I love my life of madness however sometimes it gets to me. As many of you mamas can relate, through the last couple of years I have felt like I was just trying to keep my head above water.  Letting my house get a little messier than usual, letting the laundry pile up a little higher than desired and letting the dishes sit an extra day or two in order to regain my sanity and have some mama time (SO IMPORTANT!).  I have learned that dishes can sit and laundry can wait to be folded. However, since my boys are turning five and two and a half, I decided I should probably get myself together and create a daily cleaning routine to keep me sane and clear-minded in a somewhat tidy house.  

This routine is newer for me so I am still figuring out what works and what doesn't, but I hope you can find this helpful and inspiring so you too can feel a little tidier in your own home!



Monday: Kitchen

  • Clean out the fridge and give it a wipe down

  • Disinfect counters & appliances

  • Wipe down cabinet fronts

  • Organize pantry if messy

  • Vacuum & wash floors

LAUNDRY - Load of clothes & kitchen towels


Tuesday: Bathrooms

  • Clean showers & Toilets

  • Clean counters, sinks & mirrors

  • Change out towels for clean ones

  • Dust shelves & wipe down cabinet fronts

  • Vacuum and wash floors

LAUNDRY - Towels, rags & washcloths


Wednesday: Bedrooms

  • Change out the sheets

  • Tidy up toys/books on the floor from the morning

  • Dust furniture

  • Vacuum bedroom floors

LAUNDRY - Sheets and bedding



Thursday: Living Room

  • Dust shelving & wipe down coffee table

  • Fluff pillows and furniture

  • Vacuum floor

LAUNDRY - Second load of clothes


Friday: Basement

  • Tidy and organize toys

  • Prepare bedroom for company if required

  • Dust shelving

  • Vacuum and wash floors


I hope this has helped inspire you to create a weekly cleaning routine! There are obviously other tasks that are seasonal, deep cleaning, and daily tasks which I can do a schedule for that as well in the future! However, for now, I will stick to this schedule to keep me sane and my house looking as good as it can while my chunks are wild and crazy! Comment below if you have a cleaning routine and what has worked for you! I believe we can all learn from each other to help us survive this stage of motherhood as happily as possible! Happy cleaning :)



Photos taken by Carey Stevens Photography.