Top 5 Brands for the Chunks

As you already know, my two Chunks spend half their time decked out in their "play clothes" with their beloved Spiderman shirts and bright colours that don't show strawberry juice that is spilled all over! The other half of the time they are in my favourite monochromatic outfits from my favorite brands! I have for you today my top 5 brands that I love the Chunks to wear. From their designs to their quality they do not disappoint!

1) My Mila


Photo by Carey Stevens Photography

Never have I ever found such comfortable, stretchy, soft, good quality kids clothing as what comes from My Mila - and look how cute! Tennile has rocked the monochrome designs and I am in love with all of it! My kids love wearing such comfortable clothes and she almost makes me want to have another baby just so it can wear her cute little hats with poms!!


2) Whistle and Flute

I think this one is an obvious one if you're a mama - this brand is a must-have in your child's wardrobe! Their designs are so unique and STINKING ADORABLE! Their shirts have also lasted through the Maddox test so I can vouch that their tees come out quite well after MANY times of washing.


3) Ole Design


Do her designs get any cuter??? Olena's minimalist style just makes my heart happy. Usually, I would be terrified to put my kids in white but her quality makes it easy to get stains out and come out looking AMAZING! Maddox is still wearing this outfit and it is just as white as when it arrived! This local mama is not only beautiful but so talented!


4) Zara

This one is no small shop, but it's still a great place to find items for little boys! Just like any large corporation with children's clothing, the boy section is a quarter of the size as the girl's section (us boy mamas can all roll our eyes together) however their boy items are SO CUTE! Whenever you see the boys in skinnies you can rest assured they are from Zara. Most of the pants the boys own have huge holes in the knees from just being boys, but the Zara ones seem to last the longest and they are super stretchy! Their tops can be quite cute and I have never had a problem with shrinking and best of all a lot of their items are surprisingly inexpensive!


5) Joe Fresh


This photo was only taken about 10 months ago - they look SO LITTLE!! We have loved our Joe Fresh tees, jeans, summer items and PJs for years now and they are great staple items for little boys! Again, their boy's section is much smaller than girls but they still have great selection! My favourite season is always Fall with Joe Fresh as they always come out with STINKING ADORABLE items that are warm and cozy. However, their PJs are something my chunks definitely have tons of as they have some of the cutest designs which usually involve dinosaurs, robots, and animals - which means a HUGE hit for the boys!  

I hope you were able to discover a few new amazing brands for your littles - take my word that all of these brands are amazing and will not disappoint! Comment below on what your favourite shops are so we can all get some new ideas and find some gems!