How Hubs and I Met

In light of Valentines Day being just a week away, I thought now is a better time than ever to share with you guys the story of how Hubs and I met! I always enjoy hearing about other couples and their journeys and funny stories so sit back and enjoy the read :)


Photo by Carey Stevens Photography

I had just gotten dumped (on my birthday... come on!) and was in need and ready for a big change in my life, and lucky for me my cousin Jodi was ready for one as well! She and I are just three weeks apart in age, two peas in a pod and complete opposites in personality... what better idea then to move to the next province over and head to Calgary, Alberta! We had a large going away party which was all cowboy themed and we were SO EXCITED and felt so ready, well as ready as any nineteen-year-old could be. Our dads helped us pack up all our junk into a trailer and we road tripped to our new home, making "rules" for our next adventure such as "no dating for at least six months" and which shelves we could each get in the fridge. Little did I know what was waiting for me in my new city.

I came to Calgary with a couple hundred dollars in my bank account and no job so I spent days sending my resume to anyone that was hiring. A few days later I received a phone call from a company wanting an interview, which long story short was a huge mistake and apparently, I didn't even have an appointment... still very confusing to this day. However, on my way to this fake job interview, I noticed this church on the train line (neither of us had a car) so I immediately went home and told Jodi about this church and off we went the next Sunday! 

I remember it like it was yesterday. Jodi and I were sitting together in the middle of the sanctuary singing away, and my eyes locked on to the hot drum player on the stage. I looked for a ring - nope, score! I watched him play, clearly not concentrating on anything that was going on, until the songs ended. He stood up and casually walked off stage. This sounds very strange, I'm well aware. But the way he walked off the stage, I leaned over to Jodi and said "Ugh... he walks like he's full of himself and has an attitude. Nope!" That day we ended up meeting some young adults and chose to come back the next week.

The next Sunday arrived and Jodi and I sat with our new friends. The hot drummer wasn't on stage, but I noticed him sitting behind me with what looked like his dad. The service went by, and at the end, the hot drummer (with a mohawk I may add) came over to talk to his friends, which just happened to be our new friends!  We all went out for lunch after and Paul and I immediately had an attraction. Jodi reminded me a few times about our "no dating for six months" rule but she couldn't help but also be excited about this new quest to get to know Paul. 

A few weeks went by and the texts were flying, the random "I just happen to be driving by your work at the exact time your off" rides home increased, and the "I need hooks hung in my house and I'm just a young girl who doesn't know how to use tools" game was played and on May 7th, 2009, on Paul's birthday(so he wouldn't forget the date), we went on our first date.

As weeks went by the mohawk was shaved, the giddy excitement was out of control and we were inseparable. A few weeks later, I was with my friends in the church sitting in the middle of a pew.  When Paul finished playing drums, the preacher goes up to start his sermon and all of a sudden I see Paul jumping over the pews to come sit beside me - in front of the entire church, including his parents!  Embarrassing!  This story is still talked about to this day.  I brought Paul home to Vancouver to meet my family two months later, which he decided was long enough to ask my dad's permission to marry me. Yes, you read it right... two months in. So what does my dad do? Takes him to a restaurant with servers known mostly for, well, not serving if you know what I mean.  At the end of their lunch, my dad told Paul he had just been subjected to what dad referred to as the "Wandering Eye Test" and thankfully Paul had passed.  Still one of my favourite stories. We were engaged on October 31st and were confused momentarily when the servers at our lunch date afterward were in costume(we clearly don't really celebrate Halloween) and married the next year on September 18th, 2010.

Our story is short because of our quick dating period, but so packed full of wonderful memories. I could tell you the exact moment I knew I wanted to marry Paul... and it was even before we started dating. That cliche saying you'll know when its the right person is completely true. It wasn't a perfect journey but that's what makes it all the better. 

I will include a few old photos for your entertainment! Enjoy :)


Our first official date - May 7, 2009 on Paul's 20th birthday!


Our one month anniversary in Banff, Alberta (bye bye, mohawk)


First visit to meet the family in Vancouver, BC. This is the week he asked my dad's permission to marry me.


We got engaged at the top of Sulpher Mountain in Banff, Alberta after riding the gondola up! We walked on this closed back trail and I'm busy snapping photos and turn around to find him on one knee! We were engaged on October 31, 2009.


We were married on September 18, 2010 and the rest is history.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about our love story and had a laugh or two at our old selves and our serious style! Comment below about how you met your spouce!