Our Sleep Got Even Better with The Endy Duvet and Duvet Cover

As many of you already know, about a year ago we received our incredible Endy mattress which has drastically changed the way we sleep and rest every day. We love Endy so much that not only was our mattress from Endy, but our amazingly soft sheets and our most perfect pillows are as well! If you would like to read my Endy mattress review after sleeping on it for 60 days click here, but today I am here to talk about their brand new product that we have been using for about a month now, and that is their duvet and duvet cover!


I have been waiting for Endy to release a duvet and I am BEYOND impressed by the quality and fullness of the duvet. On their website they state “Designed for every Canadian season, our signature duvet uses high-tech temperature regulating materials for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Plus, it’s machine washable and hypoallergenic” - machine washable won me over before I even used it. It is a perfect weight and brings your sleep from amazing to mind blowing.


The duvet cover is just an act of pure genius, of course leave it to Endy to create the incredibly needed corner snaps in the duvet cover! We ALL cannot stand the duvet sliding around in the cover, nothing is worse than waking up in a cold night to a limp duvet cover having the rest at the bottom with your feet, or on your husband's side of the bed - not with the Endy cover! It is crisp, as soft as their incredible sheets, and honestly has made me feel like I sleep in between two clouds.

This is my honest review, please feel free to ask me any questions if you have any! I’m just going to go lay in my Endy bed now - Bye!

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