Getting out of a FUNK!

Welcome back to the blog everyone! Today we are being REAL open and honest… a tad bit uncomfortable but we’re going to roll with it! Let's talk about funks, ruts, phases, challenges, whatever you want to call them. We all go through them, we all get into them, so let's talk about how to get out of them!


You’ve probably seen recently on my Instagram my posts about being in a funk pretty much since January, and a few weeks ago I flew right out of it with a new mindset and feeling 1000lbs lighter. I got so many comments about it, encouragement and so many people saying they were either going through it or went through it too. So what better time to talk about how to get out of it than now?


Letting go. This was the first and biggest step in the entire process for me, and the hardest one by far. I am not going to get too in depth with this, we all have issues and things we struggle with, but I will give one example just in case you can identify with it and it is helpful to you. I have always strived to be liked by those around me, to a level where it changed how I viewed myself. If people didn’t like me, I didn’t like me, to the point where it would eat me up and weigh on me where I couldn't get through my day. You may not identify with that, but I think everyone has something they carry that they don’t have to, whether that be an image you're trying to obtain, something you're trying to look like, something your trying to become that is dependent on how others think of you. Guess what… you need to let it go. You can't change what others think, how they act or what their opinions are, you can only change you and you need to let it go. Find what you're putting pressure on yourself for, find what you're needing to release so you can start solving the actual problem. I couldn’t see what the real problem was until I decided to stop caring so much and decide to be imperfectly me. And guess what? Once I did that, my vision cleared so I could actually identify what was the real issue and ACTUALLY start solving something!

Assess the problems and actually deal

Let's address the elephant in the room, shall we? A lot of you know about the family changes we’ve gone through, leaving my family in Vancouver, moving to Calgary, going through years of drama, losing my sister in law, and dealing with the results of it all. These years have been rough, and I’ve run from it all, avoiding thinking about it, avoiding talking about it, pictures, areas of the city, you name it. I’ve run from the person I’ve become because of it all instead of facing the facts, I am a different person now. Sometimes that means letting go of what you’ve been holding onto so tightly, sometimes that means accepting new things you didn’t want to accept about yourself. Over the Easter weekend, I sat on the couch and basically explained to my husband who I am, realizing my traits for the first time, as he nodded and smiled already knowing it all, and I didn’t. The problem was me, and every single wall I built around issues in my head, and watching them all crumble was terrifying and so relieving at the same time. You can't start solving issues until you begin to let go and assess where the real issues lie, or else you’ll be going in circles as I did for years, blaming everyone but yourself, and avoiding any self-change because of what you don’t want to face.

Self care

Now that we’re all open and honest, let's talk about recovery. Once the issues are all on the table, you're exhausted from your self-assessments, facing the scary realizations and decisions to make those tough changes, now what? You need to love who you are now and love your surroundings. Who you are now is going to be different. You may have different people around you, you may have a different routine, but whatever change you need to make is done, and now you need to love and enjoy your new phase and take care of yourself. If you don’t upkeep yourself and what you’ve put in place, you’ll just end up in yet another funk, and we do not want to be there again, oh no. If your new mindset is hard to maintain, if you find yourself going down the same rabbit hole mentally and have a hard time controlling it, I highly suggest being honest and open with either with your partner or close friend so they can keep you accountable.

Also, another thing that has HUGELY helped is exercise! Don’t moan and groan, whatever form you enjoy, just do it! I’ve started running again, not long-distance but more sprinting, playing soccer with the fam, any form of exercise you enjoy, do it! The release in hormones, the changes it makes in your body, I found it helped an absolute ton! Just trust me on this one!


Make a plan. The best part of getting out of the funk was the new way I saw life, my new priorities and new excitement for life and the future! When you get out of a funk, deal with issues and let them go, I honestly felt like I lost 1000lbs off my chest, as cliche as that sounds! I want to make travel a priority, I have new business goals, new personal goals, and I am PUMPED to smash them! Channel that new excitement and launch yourself into your new attitude and view on life and people will physically see a change in you which is pretty amazing in my opinion. A family member actually told me they can see it on my face, which is the best compliment I’ve had in years. Make a plan, put it into action, and make that funk worthwhile.

If you're still here, I hope you got some inspiration from all of this, and even if you not in a funk necessarily, I hope it encourages you to either deal with things you haven’t, or help someone else through their trying times. No one is perfect, everyone is going through something behind closed doors, and I think the more honest and open we are the easier it is to get through.

Love you guys, you are the best! xoxo

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