Our LG QuadWash Steam Dishwasher

As most of you know, we moved into our home just over five years ago now and if you have been here you would know of my battle with our previous dishwasher. There was Lego inside from the previous owner it never got ANYTHING off the dishes and we pretty much had to wash them before going through the dishwasher. I’m not exaggerating at all, it was that bad. We hand-washed most of our dishes for this reason, as well as any wine glass as it would come out looking dirtier than when it went in. Something had to change, and boy, my eyes have been opened to a brand new life. Who knew that one day I would have clean dishes coming out of my dishwasher?


After receiving the LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher, I could not believe what I had been missing. I put the dish with the most disgusting, grossest, baked on food I could find to see how well this dishwasher did, and they all came out CLEAN. Living in the Prairies, we have some pretty hard water so my cups always come out with watermarks, but with the LG Quadwash Steam we no longer get those and here is why:


I had no idea how luxurious this dishwasher would be until it was installed in my home. The racks are completely adjustable and the top rack actually lowers to fit my wine glasses, as well as having a holder that drops down to keep them safe and in place while washing! We all know my love of wine so this is an important feature for me. I have never had a dishwasher with a third rack just for cutlery, which has never before come out so clean!

How it works:

The LG QuadWash Steam cleans your dishes with the steam from boiling water which is why the amount of watermarks is so reduced. The hot steam cleans from every corner giving it a FULL HYGIENIC CLEAN and reduces the watermarks by over 60%! With our severely hard water, this is huge! Did I mention it has an under-tub LED light built in? SO CONVENIENT!


I am not being overly dramatic when I say that this LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher has changed our lives. The amount of dishes we can fit in there is HUGE! Three out of four of us eat three full meals a day plus snacks at home because we homeschool Jackson, so we’re home a lot and go through a lot of dishes! We are running it less and getting way better results, using less water and spending less time cleaning up the kitchen! My messy kitchen has gone from drab to fab and the beautiful clean look of the LG Quadwash Steam dishwasher definitely gave it an update! If you are in the market for a new dishwasher or just want to spend less time cleaning and scrubbing, I highly recommend. Check them out at lg.ca for more information!

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