Brows from Drab to Fab

I have thought about getting my eyebrows Microbladed for a long time, I watched my friends get it done, and I heard it was a game changer. But what if they did the wrong shape? What if it didn’t suit me, and I’m stuck with these weirdly shaped brows for who knows how long? This held me back for so long until I found Jennifer at MyBrow and Beauty Studio.


I naturally have medium/dark brown hair while my brows are more medium brown, and honestly, I never did anything with them until about a year ago. I had been searching high and low for a brow product that didn’t smudge that was easy to use, and I honestly just got sick of it. I thought about our coming trip to Mexico and the summer months to come and finally decided that it was worth the possible misshapen brows in order to stop worrying about it! I found Jen, booked an appointment and let me tell you about my experience so far!

Me looking so super awkward but the before and after speaks for itself!


Pain & Process

Many people have asked me what I had done and how painful it was. Jen did her MyCombo Brow which is a powdered ombre brow with Microblading in the front. This holds better than straight Microblading, it is good for all skin types (Microblading is only good for dry to normal skin) and is a gentler process. In my honest opinion, this was pretty much painless. I say pretty much because I know I have a higher pain tolerance than a lot of people, but Jen told me at her Academy, she actually teaches her students how to do this process on a BALLOON. That should tell you right away that she is super gentle and it is a simple and easy process!

Hanging out with Jen

So I don’t know if you are as socially anxious as I am, but that thought of hanging out with someone I don’t know literally in my face for a couple hours made me so nervous! I am an extremely easy going person, pretty easy to talk to, but I was super nervous about the whole process. The second I walked in the door, Jen made me feel so at ease, she was so relaxed and made the process an absolute blast! Have I told you how much I adore her? The last appointment we laughed I think 90% of the time… shes kinda cool. Just a little.

Every person is different and how people take pigment and how people's skin reacts is always different no matter what. I have sat for tattoo appointments for 6+ hours at a time and have had zero problems. What we have experienced with my brow journey is that my brows get easily irritated and like to push the pigment out in order to heal, apparently I’m part of the 1% that it doesn’t work on the first try! I was concerned this would make me unable to take pigment at all, so I was honestly nervous heading to my touch-up appointment with Jen to hear what she would have to say. Because she is so educated and so awesome, she was able to accommodate my situation and we’ve decided to do less time on the brows per session, and let them heal and do little touch-ups at a time. She is so accommodating and willing to work through each individual and you leave feeling absolutely awesome and gorgeous.

I have never received so many compliments about my brows, my confidence level has improved and my morning routine has shortened immensely! If you are on the fence about getting it done and you live in the Calgary area, go see Jen - I know you’ll book your appointment on the spot!

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