Goals for 2019

Welcome to the year 2019 friends! All I have to say to 2018 is BYE and hello to a fresh new year. This last year was not an easy one…yeah. Not a lot of changes but the ones we made were BIG like homeschooling etc. which added a lot of adjustments into our lives, and not easy ones.

Last year Hubs and I sat down and wrote out goals for the next year - not resolutions like things we wanted to change about ourselves that we didn’t like, but more where we wanted to be by the end of this year and what we wanted to accomplish. I think this helped get our dreams into actual plans which helped to actually accomplish things! If you don’t do this with your spouse or partner or parents or besties I highly recommend you do! Entering into a new year with goals and visions makes a world a difference! We made a lot for this year, so we decided to share a few main ones with you!


Goals for 2019:

  1. Create a healthier lifestyle with consistent workouts and diet

    This one speaks for itself - health is a huge thing for us. We’ve fallen off the bandwagon for a while, but our Mexico trip has really pushed us and motivated us to get workouts in and we feel WAY BETTER than we used to! Obviously, we have goals for results, but our main goal is to make this a lifestyle once again and return to lifting weights, eating cleaner and making more of our own healthy food. We’ve been making homemade bread for the boys instead of buying bread filled with preservatives from the grocery store, making our own tortillas for tacos etc. which is already making a huge difference for us, both health-wise and budget wise! We would like to start cooking with more whole foods and fewer processed ingredients in our day to day diets!

  2. Finish incomplete house projects

    Ok - if you are a homeowner, you get this one. Our photos may look like we have our crap together, but we’ve had some walls with white patch marks for longer than I want to admit, we’ve had unpainted basement baseboards for about 3 years now, and we need to get things done. It's not that we don’t have the time, we just don’t make it a priority to complete when we can run around and tickle our boys instead. BUT - we are thinking about moving in the next year or two, so may as well enjoy the house completed before we move, right?

  3. Improve our cooking skills and make a family cooking night a new routine

    So as I’ve previously mentioned, we have been attempting to be more intentional about making our own food with ingredients from home, and let's be real, you're not human if you’ve recently watched “The Final Table” on Netflix without being inspired in the kitchen. Hubs is KILLER in the kitchen and makes amazing food, and he has been inspired to make new recipes and push our comfort level with food and it has been a blast! Over Christmas we impressed our guests with our new homemade taco recipe and many more, trying new things and making cooking a team activity. If you’ve had the experience of being in the kitchen with us recently, the differences in how Hubs and I do things SHOW DRASTICALLY in the kitchen, so its tense but we're also learning how to work together with our different skill sets and procedures. Anyway, super fun in-house date night, but we’re also making it a goal to include the kids once a week in a family dinner-making night to spend time together as a family while working together! I’m super excited about this one!

  4. Figure out where Jackson is heading

    So this year has been a change for us. We decided to homeschool Jackson this year (click here if you haven’t read about that yet) which has been a good thing for all of us. We’ve realized the incredible passion he has for learning and the shocking intelligence that he has (yes, I’m a proud mama). BUT - all that said, as a family, we have agreed this is not a healthy plan long-term for any of us. I have struggled hard with this, and Jackson has adjusted almost too well with being at home with me all day. Homeschooling is such an amazing thing for many people, this is a wonderful opportunity and it works great for a ton of people! I am not wired this way, I have struggled, and hubs and I both believe that its best that Jackson attends school this coming September, wherever that needs to be. We may need to move to a new neighbourhood to get him into the best school, we may need to make some pretty big adjustments, so this year should bring lots of changes for all of us. Keep us in your prayers, give us all your encouragement because this is going to be an adjustment at all sides!

  5. Spend more time with friends who bring out your best

    This one isn’t complicated at all, it's quite simple. But it's an easy one to lose sight of. Sometimes we have friendships that we end up giving more than we get, we have friendships where its based on catching up with each other. But those few people you find where its easy, fun, and you leave with a glow on your face - spend more time with those people! Its so easy to go home at the end of a busy day, tuck your littles into bed because that brings you joy, but you forget to fuel yourself and your own glow. Friendship is so important, and its hard as an adult (I’ve found, anyway) to find friends who are selfless and who view friendships the same way as you. To find those who have the same values and priorities as you, which is SO IMPORTANT in close friendships. Trust me… I’ve had some “experiences” in my life, let me tell you. I know from much experience how important it is to keep those close friendships in your life and what it can do for your soul. Spend time with those people, even if you're tired and just want to be lazy and do nothing, go out. Be around people who inspire, encourage and light the fire within you. It will improve absolutely everything in your life.


Comment below what your goals are for this year and what you are hoping to accomplish in 2019!

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