What I'm Packing for Mexico


As you may have guessed, we are off to MEXICO! This is the first time we will be away from our boys for this long, and we haven’t gone out of the country except for Chicago for my brother's wedding in eight years - so we’re a little bit excited! We are going to Mayan Riviera and are staying at the resort we went to for our Honeymoon eight years ago.

If you know me you know I am no light packer, but I’ve really tried! I have linked a few of the items I’ve packed so you can check them out, but I’ll also show you here a few of the items I’m bringing along!


Again, this is where I turn from low-key mama to glam freak! I’ve found my ride-or-die products that I just cannot leave behind including my beauty blender, It Cosmetics CC foundation, Hoola Bronzer (there is no better), my new Sephora Moonlit palette, and a few or maybe not a few more! I just actually bought the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion which I put on my face and collar bone area and OH MY GOSH - in love! That will be packed in my bag for sure. I don't plan on bringing any eyeshadow palettes or anything as I’m on vacay and going to rock the beach vibe.


OK - this is where I turn into a high maintenance lady. I have started loving so many skin care products I can't leave the house without them! First off, makeup remover wipes are required, but I’m not picky about those at all. As long as they don't break me out, we’re good! This Purity facial cleanser is my absolute favourite right now, and these Korres Olive face moisturizers are so hydrating and moisturizing! Hair ties, bobby pins, face sunscreen and a few more! This coconut Sephora lip balm is a MUST - click the link and go check it out! Under $10 and you will be SHOCKED at how hydrating it is… just go buy it!


For accessories, I have my favourite shades from Nordstrom which are under $20, and these beautiful Bailey Nelson shades which I love to switch things up with! I have these leather sandals that are so comfy from The Valley Boutique, my DW watch and my FAVOURITE bracelets to wear to dinners!


So I’m not going to show you too many outfits because I want to leave some for a surprise, but these tube tops can mix and match with any of my pairs of shorts which I love and they’re so inexpensive! My favourite shorts are from American Eagle because they are so stretchy and beyond comfortable!


I am sad to say this pant jumper is sold out, but I bought it at Bikini Village and cannot wait to wear it on the beach!


I bought some bikinis, you guys… what is happening? My stomach hasn’t seen the light of day since before Maddox was born as he so nicely created stretch marks JUST in the very front of my stomach around my belly button. I have been pretty self-conscious about them for the last few years hoping they’d fade, but no luck! I am tired of hiding them and care less and less as the years pass, so I decided this trip was it! Can any other mamas relate?

I purchased these bikinis from Zaful - very nervously I may add! Ordering bathing suits online is just plain terrifying. BUT they’re so cheap it's hard to argue with the process. There were one or two tops that didn’t fit perfectly, but otherwise, they all fit fine and are great quality!


Don’t worry, I am wearing a bathing suit under this gorgeous cover up from Winners! I actually found a few of my cover-ups at Winners but my ULTIMATE FAVE is this one and its under $15!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post - know that these are literally just a few items in my huge suitcase but you’ll be seeing the rest on Instagram next week so stay tuned!

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