Maddox's New Room

As you know, we are in full blown renovation mode right now, and one room at a time we are trying to put things back in place and organize each space. Maddox had a few requests for his room, including a bookshelf and a house bed, and that is exactly what he got!


If you know Maddox, you know he is absolutely obsessed with cats, however, while cats are his favourite animal, we find most cat items come in pinks and purples which he is not a huge fan of. Dogs are his next favourite, so when he saw this bedding, we had found a winner and a new theme! Click here to shop Maddox’s bedding. Click here to shop his bedding - under $30!


Once we had chosen our bedding, we needed to pick something out for the wall. We had seen so many people post photos of prints from Opposite Wall, so Maddox took a very quick scroll through their website and chose his four favourites and had his heart set on them! I was not sure how they would look together or how to place them, and Opposite Wall was kind enough to send me four different layout options in an email which I was incredibly impressed with! They arrived and are high quality prints and wonderful frames, which pulled the whole room together!


We purchased a basket from Ikea to hold Maddox’s pile of stuffies that always end up all over his bed and floor, which has already made keeping his room clean so much easier! We also purchased a small Ikea bookshelf so he can have all of his own books in his room, as well as a few toys. We are a book loving fam, so having his special books in his room is his all time favourite. We have had this beanbag chair from a shop called The Rest and it has been well loved for a few years now! M & J also just recieved brand new Endy beds which they are obsessed with and sleeping like babies in, you can use the code CHRISTY50 for $50 off any mattress!

I do hate to say this, because I know I am going to get a thousand of the same questions, where did we get the house headboard from… we did not buy it, it is custom built by my hubby and his brother. We are very fortunate to have an incredibly talented bro who is a carpenter, who is also going to be lightly bribed into doing the baseboards when we are ready to do those. I wanted to wait until the room was completely finished before doing the reveal, but one thing lead to another and now we wont be ready for baseboards for another few weeks and this girl just could not wait to show you the final product - M & I are obsessed!

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