A Little More About Me!

I’ve been seeing some new faces around here so I thought why not introduce myself again and tell you guys little more about me!


1. I was born and raised in a suburb of Vancouver, Canada, which feels as big as the city I’m living in now! I do not miss the big city, but I do miss all the delicious and cheap sushi! My dream is to one day live on a small acreage out of the city but close enough to be near the good food and shopping.... a girl can have both worlds, right?

2. I have one older sister and one younger brother. Growing up, my sister and I had the typical sister relationship... I would do anything for her love and attention and she pretty much didn't care about me being around. If you've seen my Instagram stories over the last few weeks, you would have seen that our relationship has clearly changed as I stood beside her as her MOH just a few weeks ago! She has become one of my best friends and now we chat about how we can never move out of this city because we can’t be apart... wow things change! My baby brother and I got along quite well as kids, we would trade off playing Hotwheels pretending they were Backstreet Boys and then he’d put in some time playing Spice Girl Barbies! What a champ. 


3. I didn't just grow up going to church, I grew up IN the church. My dad was and still is a pastor of a church in Vancouver, so I attended events, helped at events, cleaned up after events, babysat at events.... the church wasn't my second home, it was my first!


4. After being a church kid all my life, I had a tad bit of a rebellious stage... just a tad lol. But it led me to leave Vancouver, and go attend school in Colorado for six months which was amazing! I went skiing there for the first time in my life, and absolutely LOVED IT! If anyone in the YYC area knows how to ski or snowboard and wants to teach this clutz I’m all yours! 

5.  I have an avocado allergy.... and it developed as an adult, so I know what I’m missing. You can cry your tears of sympathy now!

6. Ok, let's take a break from me for a sec and chat about the Hubs! Entering into Paul’s family has been such an adventure, as I have never been around SO MANY BOYS. Paul has three brothers who have all been homeschooled together the entire way through, so if you want some entertaining stories you know where to find them...just never ask Paul about the story of Pickles the cat. Anyway, two of Paul’s brothers so far have kids and they're all boys... family gatherings are quite an experience!

7.  I was never a girl who dreamt of being a mom. I can remember back when Hubs and I were going to premarital counseling before our wedding and discussed not having kids and it never bothered me.  That was until about a year into our marriage, the first adjustment year was done, and this girl was dying to get pregnant. Little did we know that we would go through over a year of wanting, hurting, confusion and doubt. I do not get pregnant naturally, and finding the answer took longer than I ever imagined. Many couples have gone through way worse than us, but I will never forget all those months of negative pregnancy tests and the disappointment. I will write a blog post about our journey soon so comment below if you'd like to see more posts like that!


8. Four months before I got married, I went backpacking with two girlfriends around Europe! We did eight countries in two weeks... yes, you read that right! Eight! I slept in train stairwells and on trains and airports and the few hostels we decided to pay for! If you know me now, this doesn't sound ANYTHING like something I would do haha but it was a BLAST! We got married in September 2010 and went to an all-inclusive trip in Mexico (I needed some relaxation after my last trip)! Then that November, I went with my work to Ethiopia for a week-long adventure through small communities, visiting hospitals and such. Safe to say after that year, I was done traveling for a while.

9. We haven't quite announced this yet, but we will be starting a new adventure this September (no I am not pregnant!) as we will be homeschooling Jackson! I will be doing a separate blog post on this one and why we decided to go this route so stay tuned. I will say, never in my life did I think I would ever be homeschooling my kids, and my excitement level goes up and down. Any advice or suggestions please comment below... I could use all the help I can get!

10. Lastly, I never pictured myself here, doing this, living this life. I loved to work, and never could picture myself being happy being a SAHM. However, here I am living my favourite life with my favourite people. Being able to work from home I LOVE having all your support and love.