Sleeping with our Endy

Paul and I recieved a nice mattress for a wedding present just about nine years ago now, and until more recntly I never saw a need to change it out. Yes, I know mattresses only last so long, but this unaware lady had no idea what I was missing, or what was about to enter my life.


I am so obsessed with having a comfy bedroom and cozy space as I have mentioned before, I have had anxiety issues for years and anything that helps me sleep is worth trying! I have tried mattress covers, buying all new different pillows what felt like every other month to find them becoming flat after just a few sleeps, the whole nine. Investing in good pillows seemed silly to me as I didn't trust any brand and nothing seemed to work. Can anyone else relate?


So I'm going to tell you guys my GENUINE EXPERIENCE. This is not paid, sponsored, whatever.... this is me being real. My dad has absolutely awful back issues and I recommend this to him 100%, and I'm recommending it to my DAD I'm recommending it to EVERYONE!! If you are like me and have been searching for that GENUINELY EPIC mattress, pillows and sheets, there are no words to express how much I want you to just purchase this one. Just go. Not just the mattress, not just the pillows, but the sheets too. You can thank me after.


So I'm not going to lie - when the Endy boxes arrived on my doorstep (because they do that!) I may have had a minor anxiety attack. The boxes were just so small, how could they possibly hold a mattress and pillows?? We pulled out the pillows first and was in complete awe. Not only does it come with pillow protectors but its filled with small foam pieces AND an extra bag for you to fill with the foam pieces if you prefer softer pillows instead of firm! The quality is unreal, and the pillows have not changed ONE BIT from the day we unpackaged them. No flat areas, no sagging, nothing. Shock. Ok so then we pulled out the sheets... guys, not an option. Just go buy them. I purchased sheets not that long ago from a chain store (I wont mention which one but omg...) the elastic snapped after one wash! This elastic is like an inch thick and is going NOWHERE FAST! Can you tell I'm in love?


The Chunks were so excited for the unboxing they could hardly contain themselves, I on the other hand was a little nervous. They do have a 100 night sleep return policy so its definitely worth ordering and trying it out, but still I was skeptical. We opened the mattress box and it looked thin you guys... Hubs and I definitely shared a few glances of oh crap eyes. As we unrolled the mattress we saw before out eyes it start to get larger and larger and OH MY GOOD GOSH we are OBSESSED. If you are a family member of mine, you've for sure laid on it because I forced you to, and you can comment below and vouch that it is the best mattress of all time. Firm, yet soft, and I can literally jump on my side of the bed and Paul does not feel a thing! In all seriousness, this has been a bit of an issue for us in our sleeping life as I toss and turn a lot during the night (again, anxiety & lack of sleep) but now I no longer have to worry about waking up Paul in the middle of the night... and not only that, I'm sleeping way better so I toss and turn hardly at all!


This new bed has changed our sleep, which has changed our mornings and our day to day life. I'm not saying this just so you go and buy it, although I highly suggest you do, sleep is a powerful thing. Especially with kids, every minute counts, and if your having a tough time like I was, I highly suggest switching things out for a long term and high quality investment in your life. 


Endy is an amazing company and nice enough to give me a discount code for you guys! Use the code CHRISTY50 for $50 off any size of mattress! Seriously guys, you can thank me later.




A few photos by Carey Stevens Photography